The technical engineering services are subcontracted to external Consultants
- Mechanical calculation according to ASME VIII Div. 1, PED, - VSR, PD 5500, AD 2000, e TEMA
- Stress analysis calculation and FEA performed with dedicated softwares like ALGOR SUPERSAP and ANSYS
- Thermal calculation for the heat exchangers
- Design and engineering of lubricating circuits

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  We are responsible and independent for the following activities
- Project management
- Quality control of the subcontractors
- Production Plan and internal expediting
- Quality control and preparation of the final dossier
- Production control
- Final test
- Detailed engineering
- Preparation of the instruction manuals of the equipments.
- Preparation of the final dossiers

  The technical management of the manufacturing is full responsibility of Lainox; the welding qualifications and procedures completely belong to Lainox
- Welding qualification is in accordance with ASME IX, EN 15614.
- Welders' qualification is in accordance with ASME IX, ISO9606-1:2013.

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