LAINOX is a leading manufacturer of vacuum chambers, pressure vessels, reactors, exchangers, tanks and welded and tested constructions.
Cutting-edge production capabilities and a highly competent technical team, combined with a strong commitment to constantly improve our products and services, allows us to provide customers with high quality products at competitive prices, delivered in the shortest possible time.
Established in 1985, LAINOX provides manufacturing support to the projects of research institutes and companies active in the industrial production of chemical, petrochemical, food and pharmaceutical goods.
We provide innovative solutions, high production quality for safe and reliable results.
PRESSURE VESSELS SPECIALISTS For more than 30 years, Lainox has been a leader in the small and medium-sized pressure-vessel market, currently exporting 90% of its production. Our company's products are used all over the world - Germany, Switzerland, England, Singapore, China, South Korea, India, Arab countries, Brazil, Mexico, etc.


Design and construction of standard and custom-built pressure vessels, vacuum chambers, reactors, heat exchangers, tanks, autoclaves, pipes for industrial and scientific research applications.
CO-DESIGN AND CONSULTANCY Lainox’s technical team is active in all phases of organization and production planning. Each industrial plant or single equipment order is assigned to a specific work group that handles the entire production process, from design to final delivery.
CERTIFIED QUALITY Lainox can count on a team of highly specialized technicians for assemblies and functional tests. All products are subjected to strict dimensional checks; hydraulic tests and vacuum tests - such as welding controls via video endoscope - are all performed in-house.


Lainox designs and manufactures tanks, heat exchangers, autoclaves, reactors and other products of high technological content for the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. The company also develops and builds prototypes and components for research applications in the aerospace, cryogenics, nuclear physics, ultra-high vacuum fields.